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XMB Series

XMB Series

YXLON XMB Series is the product line from Blue Star E&E for mobile X-ray solutions. The products are known for its swift workflow, versatility and supreme performance. This is easy to handle and supports high voltage cables with lengths up to 20 meters. Combined with a compact metal ceramic X-ray tube, it delivers superior performance in difficult places such as narrow and hard-to-reach areas. It is agile and flexible enough to support a wide range of high quality X-ray tubes with different sizes of focal spots. The Y.XMB is fully compatible with both film and digital imaging and can be used for a large range of difficult tasks without compromising your workflow.

The following are few mobileX-ray solutions offered by Blue Star E&E:

  • Y.XMB 100 : 100kV Mobile X-Ray
  • Y.XMB 160 : 160kV Mobile X-Ray
  • Y.XMB 225 : 225kV Mobile X-Ray

XMB series is operative from 7.5kV up to a maximum of 225kV, with a significantly high X-ray power of up to 2.25kW. The system features a broad mA range from 0mA to 20mA, depending on the selection of system and X-ray tube. A wide range of accessories and alternative X-ray tubes are available for XMB series of mobile X-ray systems. With the help of optional RS232 interface, it can allow remote operation from an external computer. This mobile high-performance X-ray system provides the user a competitive edge by reducing exposure time and optimising the workflow.

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