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Pipe Inspection System Pipe Inspection System

Pipe Inspection System

Blue Star E&E offers advanced pipe inspection systems which use guided wave technology to excite low-frequency ultrasonic waves that propagate in the axial direction of pipes, from both sides of the probe collar. It offers the screening of in-service pipes and pipelines over long distances. Guided wave inspection detects corrosion at supports, clamps and pipe racks and is used for advanced applications such as buried, insulated, coated and vertical pipes.

UltraWave LRT/Long Rang UT

UltraWave LRT uses guided wave technology and excites low-frequency ultrasonic waves that travel lengthwise over tens of meters along a pipe, detecting wall thickness variations. This is a suitable system for in-service pipes and pipelines. It is also used for inspecting limited access pipes from a single inspection position. It comes with an advanced software, an acquisition unit, a touch screen laptop and compact probes with bands and bladders. UltraWave LRT can screen in-service pipes and pipelines over long distances. Guided wave inspection is used to localise areas of concern on above-ground conventional structures and for advanced applications such as buried, insulated, coated, and vertical pipes. This technology also detects corrosion at supports, clamps, and pipe racks.


  • High productivity inspection with long-range coverage and rapid screening
  • Ability to scan pipes which have limited access as a result of being buried, coated or insulated
  • 100% screening coverage of pipe wall
  • Cost effective solution for pipe integrity management programs
  • In-service inspection (no production shutdown)



The PipeWIZARD is an automated girth weld inspection system using phased array technology. It is designed for in-site, weld-to-weld inspection in extreme environments on-shore and off-shore. Pipelines carry gas, oil, water and other chemicals and are generally girth-welded on-site. Welds are the weak spot and are non-destructively tested. PipeWIZARD plays a crucial role in this industry, as it is important to detect the weld defects at the earliest. This advanced product uses phased array technology, which uses electronic beam forming to generate and receive ultrasound. This has proved to be one of the most efficient technologies as each element in the array is individually pulsed and delayed to create a wide range of beam angles and focal distances. Phased array is much better than conventional multi-probe systems in many aspects.


  • Typically, two phased array probes replace more than 24 conventional transducers
  • No need of adjusting each individual transducer positions
  • Phased array beams are optimised by setting appropriate parameters in the software
  • Phased array system has about 80% fewer moving parts
  • A phased array scanner is significantly smaller and lighter
  • It’s easier to manipulate and requires less coating cutback on each side of the weld
  • Phased array systems are used to inspect almost any type of weld configuration
  • Phased array electronic scanning allows customised weld inspections, including multi-angle TOFD, advanced imaging and detailed inspections

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