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Industrial Borescopes

Industrial Borescopes

Blue Star E&E offers Industrial Borescopes from Olympus to fulfil various industrial requirements. These rigid instruments transmit an image from the inspection area back to the eye with the help of an optical lens system. These borescopes also use a non-coherent fibre bundle to illuminate the object. 

Standard Rigid Borescopes

Blue Star E&E provides standard rigid borescopes, featured with various diameters, working length, viewing directions and angles. There are a range of products to address specific industrial requirements. To meet the challenges of any tough condition, the stainless steel insertion tube will be able to function between -20°C and 150°C.

Swing Prism Borescopes

These are rigid borescopes capable of adjusting the direction of view continuously from fore-oblique to retro viewing coupled with the field of view. These borescopes are able to achieve a total viewing arc of 120° to 140°, which helps to inspect difficult to reach portions.

Zoom Swing Prism Borescopes

These borescopes by Olympus incorporate the same characteristics as the standard swing prism, but come with an added feature of 2x optical zoom. This enables the user to magnify onto the objects of interest, thereby providing a superior testing experience.

MK Modular Mini-Scope

The modular design of these ultra-thin borescopes allows cost-effective inspections by reducing not only the risk of damage but also the need for repair. The innovative, compact and versatile system design is ideal for routine inspections similar to the ones performed in the automotive industry.

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