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Blue Star E&E's industrial videoscopes are designed to meet the challenges of the modern industrial inspections. These portable and intelligent remote devices offer advanced imaging solutions with high accuracy and precision. These videoscopes are highly suitable for a multitude of inspection requirements.


The IPLEX G Lite industrial videoscope packs powerful imaging capabilities into a small, rugged body. Lightweight and able to go almost anywhere, users working in challenging applications have a remote visual inspection tool with the image quality and ease of use to get the job done.


  • Lightweight, rugged, and goes almost anywhere
  • Clear, bright images aid in your decision-making
  • Designed to make your inspections fast and efficient



IPLEX NX houses the most advanced technologies in the IPLEX series. Equipped with a high-quality image sensor, bright laser diode light source, high-level image processing technology and Olympus's optical lens technology, it can provide a bright, high-resolution image even in large spaces.


  • High-quality images
  • Expanded measurement capabilities
  • Improved inspection efficiency



With interchangeable insertion tubes and light sources, an 8-inch touch screen, and advanced imaging features, the IPLEX GX/GT videoscope delivers an optimal balance of versatility, imaging capabilities, and ease of use.


  • Powerful Features at Your Fingertips
  • One Tool for Many Jobs
  • Precise Movements with a Light Touch
  • Convenient Controls
  • Bright illumination, Crisp images and Smooth 60 fps video



IPLEX TX is an ultra-thin videoscope, 2.4mm in diameter, designed specially to detect tiny defects by reaching inside almost any narrow or winding area.


  • The world's smallest diameter videoscope with articulation
  • Tough design made optimal for frequent use
  • Greatly advance in image quality
  • Efficient image management



Equipped with innovative laser illumination and scope articulation technologies, IPLEX YS is an extra-long, 30m industrial videoscope. It delivers unprecedented image quality and supreme performance.


  • Outstanding operability
  • Unsurpassed image quality
  • Precise diagnosis


IPLEX Long Scope Solution

No matter which job, we offer a videoscope with the right combination of features. With lengths from 2 meters (6.5 feet) to 30 meters (98 feet) and a range of advanced functionality, choose the videoscope that best suits your application.

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