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MGi X-ray Systems

MGi X-ray Systems

YXLON MGi X-ray System is the product line from Blue Star E&E represents the new generation of unipolar and bipolar stationary X-ray systems with a power of 2.25 kW and 4.5 kW and a voltage range of 160 kV to 450 kV. The modules are used in non-destructive testing of plastics, rubber, lightweight castings and highly absorbent materials such as steel.


  • High voltages from 160 kV to 450 kV with available output power of 2.25 kW or 4.5 kW
  • Sturdy, robust design for maximum productivity and durability
  • User-friendly software for intuitive control and operation of the generator

The MGi X-ray systems consist of X-ray generators with up to 4.5 kW power and X-ray tubes from high resolution up to high penetration. The YXLON tube spectrum ranges from unipolar 160 kV and 225 kV to bipolar 320 kV and 450 kV metal ceramic X-ray tubes. This broad spectrum allows them to be used in a variety of applications for both digital radiography (DR) and computed tomography (CT).

With the new MGi X-ray generator, the X-ray system reaches a new level of innovation, integration and intelligence. For example, operating the X-ray module with the MGi control software has never been easier and more intuitive. The user-friendly MGi software is used to control the MGi generator and clearly displays information about the set system parameters and the system status. Notifications within the system are output in plain text and thus facilitate the best possible response time of the operator.

The followings are few stationary X-ray tubes offered by Blue Star E&E, which are suitable for various applications depending on the type of material and difficulty of the job.

  • MGi 160 : 160kV Stationary X-Ray
  • MGi 225 : 225kV Stationary X-Ray
  • MGi 320 : 320kV Stationary X-Ray
  • MGi 450 : 450kV Stationary X-Ray
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