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MG Series

MG Series

YXLON MG Series is the product line from Blue Star E&E for unipolar and bipolar stationary X-ray modules, which comes with a power output range of 2.25kW and 4.5kW at a voltage spectrum ranging from 100kV to 600kV. These modules contain the YXLON TU X-ray tube, a high-voltage generator, HV cables, a cooler, and interconnection cables. They are designed for non-destructive testing of plastics, rubber, lightweight cast parts and high-density materials.


  • High voltage capability from 100-600kV
  • Digital detectors for a wide variety of applications
  • Output-optimized focal spot through variofocus technology
  • Stable, constant voltage power supply and tube current
  • Robust, long lifespan design for rough industry environments
  • Easy integration and operation for optimized system performance

These systems come with the control unit MGC41 and a connection cable of 10m (optional 20m, 30m, 40m) length. The menu guided master data setting for the MGC41 control unit makes the X-ray systems extremely easy to operate. It offers a large, well structured LED display in the control unit to show operating parameters and reports of defects in clear text format, making the process easier for the inspector. It also enables the user to save frequently recurring data captured on images. Components of all of the systems are safeguarded against exposure to water. In addition, the generators and the power units comply with the International Protection Code IP54. The following are few stationary X-ray tubes offered by Blue Star E&E.

  • Y.MG103 : 100kV Stationary X-Ray
  • Y.MG165 : 160kV Stationary X-Ray
  • Y.MG226 : 225kV Stationary X-Ray
  • Y.MG325 : 320kV Stationary X-Ray
  • Y.MG452 : 450kV Stationary X-Ray
  • Y.MG605 : 600kV Stationary X-Ray

These systems are suitable for various applications depending on the type of material and difficulty of the job. For example, MG103 is used in the case of weakly absorbent materials such as plastics or rubber and MG165 and MG226 are used for lightweight metal parts and thin-walled materials with a low density. Similarly, MG325, MG452 and MG605 are designed to be used in case of thick-walled, high-density materials such as iron or nickel alloys.

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