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Transducers and Probes

Transducers and Probes

Blue Star E&E provides probes and transducers in various frequencies, configurations, connector styles and cable types in order to meet demanding inspection requirements. Olympus has achieved new heights with the company's years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality probes and transducers. The probes and transducers meet global inspection requirements in non-destructive testing. Custom configurations are also available for specific requirements.

Ultrasonic Transducers

Ultrasonic Transducers are used for a wide range of applications such as flaw detection, thickness gauging, materials research and medical diagnostics. Blue Star E&E offers more than 5000 varieties of ultrasonic transducers from Olympus, which come in many styles, element diameters, connector styles and frequencies. 

Phased Array Probes:

These are phased array application-specific probes having a range from 0.5MHz to 18MHz and may come with 16, 32, 64 or 128 elements. Special probes in this category may have up to hundreds of elements defined for specific purposes. 

Eddy Current Probes:

Blue Star E&E offers more than 10,000 standard and custom designed eddy current probes, standard references and accessories from Olympus. These have dedicated usage in non-destructive testing using eddy current.

Eddy Current Array Probes:

Eddy Current Array Probes offered by Blue Star E&E are used for corrosion detection, friction stir weld inspection, surface and sub-surface detection. These probes play an important role in accelerating the inspection process.

Tube Inspection Probes:

Blue Star E&E offers various probes for tube inspection that are lightweight but solidly constructed.These are used in various technologies like eddy current, remote field, magnetic flux leakage and IRIS ultrasound. These probes are suitable for ferromagnetic as well as non-ferromagnetic tube inspection applications.

BondMaster Probes:

BondMaster Probes offered by Blue Star E&E include a wide variety of versatile probes such as pitch-catch, MIA (Mechanical Impedance Analysis) and resonance probes. These probes are accepted across industries for a wide range of applications.

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