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Tyre Inspection Systems

Tyres are one of the core components of any automobile and manufacturers need to ensure their quality through various inspections. Blue Star E&E offers robust and reliable tire inspection systems, well suited for specific inspection requirements of automobile manufacturers. All the systems, including all supporting devices, are manufactured to meet or exceed the required automobile standards and regulations for radiation safety.



YXLON MTIS X-ray inspection system for radial tires satisfies the need for the highest quality imaging and inspection accuracy and gathers valuable statistical process control data. It can inspect wide variety of tires such as PCR (Passenger Car Radial), TBR (Truck & Bus Radial) and OTR (Off-The-Road) tyres.


  • High uptime for reliable 24x7 inline operation
  • High image quality for reliable inspection decisions
  • Outstanding accuracy and reproducibility due to 4-spindle manipulation
  • Objective and efficient inspection by the automated defection recognition software
  • Collection of valuable data from each tyre for statistical process control

This system identifies defects and irregularities such as inaccurate positioning of structural steel components, defects in the components and presence of foreign objects. YXLON Uscan 3 detector delivers high image quality with high contrast as required by ASTM F1035 with a 16-bit dynamic resolution. The 4-spindle manipulator offers accuracy and easy reproducibility of the inspection results. With the vertical scan positioned on the 4-spindle manipulator, inspection is achieved with a minimum of deformation. The automatic defect recognition software allows for objective and efficient quality assessment against specified limits and extracts various data for statistical process control for every tyre.


YXLON MU2000-D for Tyre on Wheel

YXLON MU2000-D Tyre on Wheel is an X-ray inspection system designed to inspect wheel mounted tyres by acquiring high quality HDR images. This low-cost system is ideal for small sample tests, research and development, and root cause failure analysis.


  • Highest image quality for reliable HDR (Highly Dynamic Radioscopy) inspection decisions
  • Cost effective solution for smaller batch sizes and sample tests
  • Excellent outcome with minimum investment due to simple software interface
  • Minimum footprint for fitting into existing plant layouts
  • Quick release rotation axis for tyres for 360° inspection

Addition of the 'Tyre on Wheel' option in MU2000-D gives this system a major advantage for inspecting tyres mounted on wheels. MU2000-D Wheel inspections system results in a significant reduction in both time and cost. Simple operation and detailed detectability provides a high throughput. Radioscopic inspection of tyres mounted on a wheel is used for examining tyres under pressure, production quality verification and failure root cause investigations. MU2000-D Tyre on Wheel can detect flaws in bead placement on the wheel, tread delamination, incorrect placement of tyre subcomponents or variances in thickness of various parameters of tyres using X-ray inspection.



YXLON CT Tyre is a computed tomography tyre inspection system, specially designed for tyre inspection. It generates detailed 3D views of the inner structures of a passenger car and truck tyres, which are very crucial information for research and development.


  • Full-scale 3D information on structural elements of tyres
  • High-resolution images for research and development
  • Wide variety of tyre X-ray applications, including the inspection of tyre mounted on a wheel
  • Tyre constraining unit for inspection under real-life conditions

CT Tyre system brings modern CT to the tyre industry by generating 3D views, which had not been obtainable until now. Using this, it is possible to measure individual wires in the belt plies for their thickness, position and spacing. Using special applications, a distinction can be made between individual rubber compounds, which is revolutionary in this industry.

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