Business Overview


The Non-Destructive Testing Systems & Industrial Automation line of business is the leading provider of high-quality NDT systems and customised automated solutions, supporting Indian industries since 1980.

Non-Destructive Testing Systems

The company provides customised semi/fully automated systems to address various industrial inspection needs using technologies such as Industrial Radiography, Conventional and Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Testing & Magnetic Particle Inspection. It also provides continuous in-house development of innovative non-destructive testing applications in order to empower users with effective command of their industrial production safety and to attain better efficiency, reduced testing cost and reliable products and solutions. The systems cater to the inspection needs of industries like Defense, Aerospace, Nuclear, Railways, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Steel and Other Metal Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Die Casting and several renowned Academic Institutions.

Core Capabilities of NDT Systems

  • A team of highly skilled personnel in various technologies and their applications
  • Application laboratory for feasibility study and developing testing methodologies
  • Nationwide presence in major cities across India for sales and after sales support
  • Trained & dedicated service team and business associates
  • Unmatched ability to provide customised automated NDT solutions for various applications as per requirement

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is achieved with the use of control systems like computers, robots and information technologies for handling different processes and machinery in an industry. The company provides advanced automation solutions to address various automation needs for a wide range of industries. The offerings can be broadly segregated into 4 categories: primary packing solutions, secondary packaging solutions, palletisation solutions and warehouse automation solutions. The systems are suitable to automate industries like FMCG, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy, Chemicals, Paper, and Glass among others.

Core Capabilities of Industrial Automation

  • Advanced industrial automation systems catering to various industrial needs
  • Consultative approach towards customer’s requirement
  • Highly organised business associate network
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