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Collaborative Robot

Blue Star E&E offers high value, cost-effective collaborative robot solutions. These customized solutions come with a range of unique features and functional benefits and caters to a wide range of applications in various industries.

Operator Safety

  • Allows safe working, without the need for fencing or caging
  • Protective stop in case of any unintended contact
  • Safety of operator, co-workers

Compact, Flexible & Mobile

  • Requires up to 50% less floor space compared to standard industrial robots
  • More flexibility with fast redeployment
  • Can be mounted at any angle
  • More production-line space
  • Better floor access for operators
  • Suitable for small batch production

Intuitive Teaching

  • Reduced programming and training time
  • No dependency on skilled operators
  • Simple, fast teaching
  • Can be taught by moving the end of the arm to the desired position/trajectory
  • Create a simple pick and place application in just 10 minutes
  • Quickly select programs from teach pendant

Highly Integrated Joint Modules

  • Higher accuracy, stability and convenience for the operator
  • Modular design
  • Highly integrated mechatronics
  • Lightweight and powerful joint module
  • High torque and low cogging motors

ROS Support

  • Open source ROS interface
  • Fast and stable EtherCAT bus
  • High scalability of robotic system
  • Control multiple robots without dedicated controller
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