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Palletisation Solutions

A wide range of palletisers are offered by Blue Star E&E to automate the pallet-building process in a warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility. Depending on the palletiser, many different technologies could be employed make the pallet that matches the requirement. These palletiser systems are highly versatile and help improve production rates significantly. Abilities like intersecting various bags during the layer formation phase and overlapping the emptiest parts of the bags make it possible to achieve extremely compact configurations, well within the parametres of the pallet.

Conventional Palletiser System

Blue Star E&E provides conventional palletising systems, particularly suitable for heavy-load and high-speed applications with one or two different types of cases or crates. These systems make it easier to change the palletising format with flexibility to create different mosaics. The application also focusses on different types of crates. The complete visibility and accessibility of the machine and of the working cycle from each position assure maximum safety and the possibility of immediate interventions. The main movements motorised by the inverter and the belt minimise noise, mechanical stress and the need for maintenance. It is possible to set a type of layer and bag dimension from the control panel without any mechanical adjustment.

Some of the notable features are:

  • Maximum achievable speed with high speed: 2800 bags per hour
  • Maximum achievable speed with low speed: 600-2000 bags per hour

Gantry Palletising System

The gantry palletiser provides automatic palletisation of cases, bags, pails and drums from one or more packaging lines. It is designed to position product containers on pallets or slip sheets prior to storage. In this palletising system, products are oriented consistently onto the pallet. Blue Star E&E offers versatile and user-friendly systems, used for end-of-line palletising and de-palletising of heavy loads with minimum space. It can achieve a maximum speed of 400-700 bags per hour.

Robotic Palletiser System

The robotic palletising system of Blue Star E&E are designed to collect crates from different packaging lines simultaneously. It is a highly-flexible system allowing the creation of pallets with different products, crates and mosaics from different production lines. The gripping tool is designed specifically for each application. The products are picked from an accumulation system to complete the cycle and position onto the pallet. It can achieve a maximum speed of 400-700 bags per hour.

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