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Warehouse Automation Solutions

Blue Star E&E offers high value, cost-effective solutions for warehouse automation. These systems work with bar-code/RFID and scanner technology, and come with a range of unique features and functional benefits. The need to establish and maintain internal networks is reduced and, in some cases, can be entirely eliminated. Blue Star E&E also offers automatic loading and unloading systems for warehouse automation.

Automatic Truck Loading System (ATLS)

Automatic Truck Loading System or ATLS is a complete solution that Blue Star E&E offers to allow truck or container loading and unloading automation.

Fully-automatic loading and unloading requires two combined systems; one that remains in the truck or trailer and another on a fixed installation such as the loading platform or warehouse. Truck loading conveyors and other solutions further increase efficiency by adding elevators, lift platforms and conveyors that interface with the automatic loading and unloading systems.

  • Closed Container ATLS
    • Loading pattern available: with pallet, without pallet
    • Container size: 10-40ft
  • Open Truck ATLS
    • Loading pattern available: palletised, single SKUs
    • Container size: 10-40ft

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The warehouse management solutions offered by Blue Star E&E are primarily designed for warehousing and production environments. This is a real-time, browser-based configurable system, which assures high value at a low cost. It supports all the standard warehousing functionalities namely label, put away, move, quality control, pick, package and ship.

A few notable features are:

  • Dynamic bin allocation
  • Tracking of dates and lot; batch control
  • Quarantine functions
  • Directed picks
  • Image-enabled
  • EDI transactions

Asset Tracking System

Blue Star E&E’s asset tracking systems are bar-coding, tracking systems that help identify and locate assets. It provides accurate, real-time knowledge regarding the use of valuable assets. This system can be configured with mobile capability for easy monitoring of material movements between fixed and mobile locations such as service vehicles and trucks. Assets can be tracked and recorded by delivery and the system can also be configured to record pickup/delivery discrepancies.

A few notable features are:

  • Real-time, comprehensive reporting of all assets
  • Transaction records of asset movements by employees
  • Knowledge of assets by locations including fixed, mobile and customer sites
  • Image-enabled for accurate asset identification or condition
  • Asset availability based on quarantine status
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