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Eddy Current Test System for Semi-finished Products

Eddy Current Test System for Semi-finished Products

Blue Star E&E provides customised eddy current testing systems for pipes, tubes, bars, wires, rods, rails, etc according to the inspection needs of the customer. Manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic (inline/offline) eddy current open surface crack inspection and sorting systems are made available, based on the requirement. Semi-finished products can be tested for different types of open surface defects. The configuration of the eddy current system is determined by the type of defects to be detected (such as point, longitudinal or transverse defects/cracks) and based on the type of material to be tested.

With the Blue Star E&E eddy current testing system, customers are assured of high resolution, automatic, multi-channel, inline/offline flaw testing of tubes, bars and wires made from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Turnkey solutions are also offered, along with handling of materials such as cradles, conveyors, test benches, etc for steel industries.

A few notable features are:

  • Full-body inspection for a wide range of products
  • Eddy current testing system with digital systems technology
  • Connection of several EC systems with one unit to work in all configurations, inline or offline
  • Real-time visualisation of the test process with original signal display
  • Gap/distance compensation with automated adjustments
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