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Air Coupled Ultrasonic System

Air Coupled Ultrasonic System

Blue Star E&E offers completely customised air coupled inspection systems for contact-free inspections. The use of air coupled inspection systems ensure that sensitive materials are not exposed to couplant liquids like water or oil. The air coupled UT inspection can be used in industries like automotive and aerospace for the inspection of composite materials. The scanning area, transducers and the software can be customised according to the material composition and specific geometry of the component to be tested.

A few notable features are:

  • Ability to inspect highly attenuating materials
  • High resolution due to the use of focussing transducers
  • Adaptable and upgradable due to modular design
  • Minimum contact and couplant-free
  • Suitable for interface detection, homogeneity analysis, bond inspection, de-lamination testing, detection of internal cracks/inclusions and impact damage inspection
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