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Forged Component Inspection System Forged Component Inspection System

Forged Component Inspection System

The non-destructive testing product portfolio includes fully customised systems for varied applications such as gun-barrel inspection, shell inspection, aerospace application and bearing inspection. Blue Star E&E has designed the customised solution, adopting both conventional and phased array technologies to detect internal defects and fatigue cracks in the required component to be tested. Multiple R&D as well as production applications in the defence, aerospace industries and educational institutions are utilising Blue Star E&E's systems.

A few notable features are:

  • Easy detection of internal defects and fatigue defects
  • One-position, integrated flaw detection for all components
  • Easy identification and flaw marking facility
  • Optional loading and unloading automation facility
  • Detection waveform to display and playback in A, B, C scans and strip-chart modes
  • Automatic data report creation and highlighting of defects in tested components
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