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Longitudinal SAW Ultrasonic Inspection System

Longitudinal SAW Ultrasonic Inspection System

Blue Star E&E offers customised longitudinal/linear SAW pipe inspection systems using a conventional UT technology. Both inline and offline inspection systems are offered, as per the requirement of the customer. This multi-channel ultrasonic inspection system can take care of various configurations required by the customer.

For example, a test configuration can be like 'four I, one X, tandem and on-bead' (where eight probes for longitudinal defect in I-mode and four probes for transverse defect in X-mode, four probes for tandem and two probes for on-bead).

A few notable features are:

  • Pipe Diameter: 18-60in
  • Length: 12.5m
  • Scanning Speed: 12-15m/min
  • Laser seam tracking
  • 8-24 channels
  • System configuration as per API, Shell, EIL, GAIL, BP, etc
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