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Plate Ultrasonic Inspection System Plate Ultrasonic Inspection System

Plate Ultrasonic Inspection System

Robust, customised plate inspection systems are provided by Blue Star E&E using both conventional and phased array technologies to address a wide range of inspection needs in various industries. The system has 60 to 300 channels, depending on the plate width and the area to be tested, to ensure 100% coverage of the plate width. It is a fully automatic, state-of-the art, computer-based system generating C-scan type reports. The mechanical system consists of a gantry arm, a client computer, a vertical drive system, a tracking structure, a pneumatic system, a transducer holder and motors. The probe holder is designed in such a way that a small layer of water will remain between the probe and the plate, ensuring that there is no problem of improper coupling. The system operates in a completely automated cycle once the initial settings are deliberated for a particular plate size. The inspection can then be monitored by an operator from the control room.

A few notable features are:

  • Plate Width: 600-5000mm
  • Testing Speed: 2-10m/min
  • Coverage: 25-100%
  • Plate Thickness: 5-100mm
  • Plate Length: 12m
  • Reference Standard: ASTM A 578 and A 577 (Normal and angle inspection)
  • Reference Standard: API 5L
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