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Digital Weld Inspection System

Blue Star E&E provides customised x-ray inspection system for real-time digital weld inspection of welded pipes. Despite advancements in automated welding processes, weld irregularities can still occur, and a weld inspection system can be used to detect all such welding defects. In contrast to other technologies, difficult areas like pipe ends can also be inspected with confidence using x-ray. Moreover, for certain regions of the weld, an inspection involving x-ray is frequently stipulated for safety reasons.

For instance, in the case of conjoined spiral-weld sections, using film or digital flat-panel detectors, x-ray systems have been deployed successfully in quality assurance processes during pipe production for both spot-check welding samples and for full inspection. The system gives the operator real-time feedback to improve the process and also confirm the quality of the product.

A few notable features are:

  • Suited for pipe-end welds combined with re-inspection
  • Only minimum footprint required
  • Flexibility for various pipe dimensions
  • Real-time operation; 100% perfect inspection of welded parts
  • Digital detector, as film is unnecessary at pipe end
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