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Chain & Rope Testing Machines

Chain & Rope Testing Machines

Blue Star E&E offers testers for destructive tensile testing of steel ropes, wires, anchors, chains, cables and other flexible specimens. These testing machines have horizontal structures with servo and computer control facilities. They adopt H-type steel welding frames and are mainly used for the standard load holding and broken tests. Depending on various kinds of specimens, the test space can be adjusted through the inserted pins. The machines have high loading accuracy and infinitely variable straining speeds to suit a wide range of materials. Specifications like length, width and height of the frame are designed based on the requirement of the customer. Motorised movement of crosshead with auto stopping facility is provided on special models. The test force is applied by double action actuator and the load is measured by load cell.

The chain & rope testing machines can realise speed/displacement control loads such as constant speed testing load, constant speed displacement, holding the testing load, holding the displacement, and so on. They facilitate automatic control and testing through intelligently programmed systems. With the help of highly advanced software, the real-time testing data and testing curves can be generated and collected. These machines are widely used in manufacturing facilities, factories, research and development, test institutes and training centres. Materials likes metals, wires, elastomers, polymers, films, plastics, timbers, ceramics, wires and cables, fabrics and rubber can be treated using these machines.

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