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Compression Testing Machines

Compression Testing Machines

Blue Star E&E offers testing machines for manual, digital and computerised compression as well as bending test of building materials such as concrete, cement specimen, and components. These machines are ideal for compression testing of rubber pads and top forge testing of metals. They are robust and come in various types depending on the operation such as analogue, digital, analogue cum digital and PC based servo. Analogue systems use a large dial to show the readings, whereas digital systems use digital readouts. Analogue cum digital systems give the operator enough freedom to choose the output format according to the requirement of the task. PC based servo systems are advanced in nature and are capable of doing high-end applications in minimum time.

These machines have large effective clearance between columns and loading accuracy as high as ±1%, enabling testing of standard specimen as well as structures. Simple controls, rigid construction and safe operation make them some of the best devices for compression testing. These machines are highly suitable for quality control purposes in structural and mineral industries, civil and mechanical labs, and educational institutes.

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