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Dynamic Balancing Machines

Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machines

Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machines

Vertical single plane/dual plane balancing machines provided with microprocessor-based measuring panels are used for balancing disc shaped rotors such as clutch plates, fan blades, flywheels, magnetos, grinding wheels, impellers, spinning pots, and spinning spindles. Both the machines have simple operations and fully automated working cycle.

Depending upon whether unbalance amount is more or less, a respective coarse or fine range gets automatically selected till rotor gets balanced within tolerance limits, thus eliminating multiple operations. For ensuring safety, these machines can only be started by double pressing push buttons and they stop automatically after measuring and storing the unbalance values. When the rotor is balanced within the limits, respective LEDs glow, indicating no further correction is necessary. Auto drilling facility is also available on request. 

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