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Climatic Test Chambers

Blue Star E&E offers a wide range of Climatic Test Chambers for various applications. The configuration of these chambers is ideally suitable for applications where environmental controls and/or room materials are critical. They are used for quality assurance and reliability testing in fields like metal, electronic, military, pharmaceutical, research and production.

Thermal and Humidity Chambers are available for both sea-level and high-altitude testing.

The Deep Cold Chamber can have a temperature as low as -120°C.

General High Temperature Convection Ovens can reach as high as 704°C.

Altitude Chambers simulate altitudes up to 2,00,000 feet, with a temperature range from -70°C to +177°C and humidity capabilities of 20% to 98% RH.

Rain Chambers are available for simulation. Dust Chambers are available for testing using Talcum powder as simulator.


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