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Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machines

Blue Star E&E offers a wide range of robust Vickers Hardness Testers. The Vickers hardness test method consists of indenting the test material with a square base pyramid shaped diamond. The Vickers method is based on an optical measurement system, where the output is measured by the diagonal of the impression.

The Vickers Hardness Testers, also referred as micro-hardness testers, are mostly used for small parts and thin sections. The test samples must be highly polished to enable measuring the size of the impressions. Typically loads are very light, ranging from 10g to 1 kg, but in case of Macro Vickers loads can range up to 50kg or even more.

Analogue Vickers:

Analogue Vickers Testers provide a wide testing range starting from soft metals such as lead to the hardest like hardened steel. The same hardness number is obtained on the same specimen, irrespective of the load applied. The tiny indentation makes the testing of a precision finished part possible and very small applied load enables it to testing of thin sheet metal accurately. Loading and unloading cycles are motorised and the in-built screen displays precise results.

Digital/Touch Screen Micro Vickers:

Micro Vickers Hardness Testers have evolved with all kinds of latest technologies and address specific user needs. The LCD touch panel improves the visibility and operational effectiveness. In addition to conventional HV, HK measuring mode (optional), measuring modes likefracture toughness (optional), Xbar, and cylindrical correction are also available. The testing condition which is optimum can be confirmed by satisfying two from three conditions of thickness, hardness and testing force.

PC Based Vickers:

PC Based Vickers Hardness Testercan measure Vickers hardness number directly and accurately using the best standards of image processing technology. With high accuracy and repeatability of measurement at all loads, these testers can cover a wide range of testing materials. Motorised cycle for loading and unloading results in faster measurement, increasing the productivity. These testers come with advanced Windows based software to increase the efficiency and utilisation of the PC.

PC Based Macro/Micro Vickers:

PC Based Micro/Macro Vickers Hardness Testers are capable of accurate measurement of hardness number using state-of-the-art image processing technology. They can test all variety of products from soft metals to hardened steel with high accuracy. For loading and unloading, they have motorised cycle and for load selection manual machines have external knob. In case of load cell-based machines, load is auto selected for user convenience. Advanced user-friendly Windows based software add to the efficiency of the process. With advanced algorithms, it is possible to fix indentation setting online and calculate hardness numbers with various options to cover all ranges of specimens. Data storage and reports generating options are available for analysis. Specialised software for calculating standard deviation, mean, medium, frequency distribution graph, and variation graph makes the tester suitable for various industry requirements.

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