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Drop Weight Impact Testing Machines

Drop Weight Impact Testers provided by Blue Star E&E are designed for testing falling weight. Weights can be tested in free fall or accelerated by linear springs. The standard drop weight testers are integrated with mechanical, electrical and automatic control technologies. They have even achieved full automation of feeding, hammer lifting and collection of fracture specimen. The four-column design, dual sliding rail, specimen feeding system, hydraulic buffer device, specimen centering mechanism and security guard net assure a quick, accurate and reliable test. The impact energy is determined by the lifting height and configuration of different net weights.

The drop weight impact testers have robust vertical test frame with high stiffness, durability, good ergonomic design and maintenance-free operation. They make it possible to perform tests at reduced and increased temperatures. 16-bit electronics in combination with a load cell and a track sensor enable precise testing.The operating panel with a touch-screen LCD and software makes these testers highly user friendly. They also conform to standards, such as DIN, EN, ISO, ASTM, and GOST.

The drop weight impact testers are primary quality control equipment for many pipeline manufacturers, steel mills, iron & steel enterprises and are equally popular among research institutes.

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