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Pendulum Impact Testing Machines Pendulum Impact Testing Machines

Pendulum Impact Testing Machines

In Pendulum Impact Testers, the pendulum of the machine can be raised and released manually or automatically. These testers are designed to comply with national and international standards such as ISO 148 and ASTM E23.

The Pendulum Impact Testers are primarily used for conducting Izod, Charpy tests. The upper starting position is used for Charpy test and the lower starting position is used for Izod test. The pendulum is mounted on anti-friction bearings, and on release, it swings down to break the sample and takes the required measurements.


Analogue testers are highly user-friendly machines with simple working principles. The output readings can be seen in a dial and need to be noted down manually.


In order to save time and eliminate human error, digital testers have a digital display for output purpose. This is more accurate and effective.


These premium testers are used for quality control of production which includes input and output controls of materials and products in testing rooms and laboratories. Capacity of impact work depends on many factors, such as deformation speed, concentration and tension characteristic in the test rods (the shape of notch, the shape and size of test specimen), temperature, structure and state of internal tension. Therefore, the test conditions during normal, reduced or increased temperature are set by standards: EN ISO 148-1 and ASTM E23. A370. This equipment is eligible for use in quality systems according to ISO 9001:2009.

Rigid base design, high speed testing, automatic arm brake, automatic arm lift in five seconds, high machine frame rigidity, extremely accurate rotary sensor and ergonomic design are some of the key features of these testers. Centrally located control components provide easy control and testing, whereas its protective cover ensures completely safe operation. It is possible to export the output data via USB or ethernet interface.

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