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Custom Built Plant Growth Chambers Custom Built Plant Growth Chambers

Custom Built Plant Growth Chambers

Blue Star E&E provides Custom Built Plant Growth Chambers that offer maximum flexibility in accommodating complete interior workspace. Pre-engineered conditioning systems and prefabricated panels can be assembled to meet virtually any test or any size. Blue Star E&E uses appropriate air conditioning systems for easy installation without taking up valuable workspace of the chamber. Applications include, but are not limited to, automotive testing, electronic testing, telecommunications testing, aerospace testing, material storage, coating preparation, biomedical storage, research, evaluation of packaging materials, seed storage, seed germination, plant growth, cultivation, and so on. Temperature and climate working range have been designed to fulfil all relevant standards.

The touch screen controller in the chamber offers easy operation, whereas the user-friendly software enables control and monitoring of the chambers from any location with graph displays and logs. The controller option has the ability to reconfigure and expand to meet a range of developing needs. The option to choose interior or exterior helps to meet various laboratory requirements. The humidity water filtration system is included to filter impurities and protect the interior walls and processes. The plant growth chamber can be configured to any size to match the needs of the customer.


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