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Plant Growth Chambers

GEN1000 GEN1000


With the ability to adapt to four different research applications - tall plant, short plant, tissue culture, and incubation - the GEN1000 provides a flexible equipment platform, a powerful controller, and a range of options to suit your research needs.


  • Tall Plant Kit: The tall plant kit includes a barriered canopy that removes lamp heat and exhausts it to ambient, allowing for high light intensity and uniformity. Uniform upward airflow helps provide ideal plant growth conditions.
  • Short Plant Kit: Designed for smaller plants such as Arabidopsis, the short plant kit maximizes efficiency by providing two fully-usable growth areas with separate lamp canopies. With the horizontal airflow design, shelves can be loaded to capacity without obstructing airflow.
  • Tissue Culture Kit: Designed specifically for tissue culture applications, this unique configuration reduces condensation on research specimens by delivering precisely controlled vertical airflow to each independently lit and thermally broken tier.
  • Incubation Kit: Created for the incubation of plantlets and insects, this kit provides maximum flexibility with removable and adjustable lamp fixtures and shelves. Additional shelves and lighting are available.
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