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Plant Growth Chambers

Reach-in Chambers Reach-in Chambers

Reach-in Chambers

Plant Growth:

Blue Star E&E offers highly specialised and customisable plant growth chambers from Conviron, designed to achieve extreme conditions of temperature, lighting, and humidity. Irrespective of relatively low footprint, these chambers have achieved higher levels of control. Along with customisable environmental control parameters, these chambers have options for plant height growth, gas levels and a variety of refrigeration configurations.

Tissue Culture:

Blue Star E&E provides specifically designed world class tissue culture chambers from Conviron. The height of these chambers is suitable for growing short plants that require low light intensity. These chambers channel the airflow through the available two shelves, discharging upward, which helps to minimise the formation of condensation inside the lids of petri dishes and other tissue culture vessels. They come fully assembled and fit through standard doorways.

Germinator Chambers:

Blue Star E&E offers germinator chambers from Conviron, which are specifically designed for uniform and consistent seed germination. They have a temperature range from +4°C to +40°C to accommodate a wide range of seed types. High humidity ensures adequate moisture, horizontal airflow design ensures excellent temperature and uniform humidity. Adjustable fan speed enhances airflow control and external cool white fluorescent lights enable equivalent light intensities for more consistent germination.


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