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Plant Growth Chambers

Walk-in Rooms Walk-in Rooms

Walk-in Rooms

Plant Growth:

Blue Star E&E offers plant growth rooms from Conviron to provide highly flexible and adaptable environment for various research programs that require a wide range of plant heights and lighting intensities. The flex option enables the user to pick the required configuration, be it "tall plant, high light, single tier configuration" or "short plant, low light, multi-tier configuration". Simple plug-and-play design provides researchers with easily adjustable and removable cantilevered canopies.

Seed Storage:

Blue Star E&E provides modular platform-based seed storage rooms from Conviron. These seed storage rooms are custom sized for each application and are suitable for long term (-18oC) as well as medium term (4oC) collections. These rooms use a chemical dehumidifier for dehumidification. Apart from this, several different cooling methods are available for quality control.

Dew Room:

Blue Star E&E provides dew rooms from Conviron that are uniquely designed for testing in a high (100% RH) humidity, saturated or mist environment which has various applications in plant pathology. They facilitate horizontal airflow with air discharge through a perforated side wall plenum. These systems are equipped with primary spray nozzles, which can spray continuously as well as a secondary cycling spray nozzles, which can be programmed by the user to achieve high humidity levels. For corrosion prevention, it uses stainless steel on the interior. 

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