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Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

Blue Star E&E offers a complete range of solutions for testing metallic and non-metallic materials for tension, compression, bending and shearing strength. Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines are widely divided into analogue (mechanical), digital (electronic), analogue cum digital and servo controlled machines. Based on the physical properties of the materials and objectives of the tests, these machines can be equipped with load rate or servo controlled mechanisms.

The furnace and climatic chambers of the Universal Testing Machines (UTM) enable tests at elevated temperature as well as below ambient temperature, for they are suitably equipped with corresponding load frames for various applications. Each unit consists of a furnace/chamber body, a controller, high temperature grips, pull rods and necessary cooling arrangements. The inner temperature can be controlled automatically and accurately by a PID controller.

These user-friendly machines are capable of displaying, recording, controlling, processing and printing test results with the help of advanced computer software and printers. Graphs of test curves in real-time help the user to understand the material accurately.  These machines comply with IS, BS ASTM, DIN and ISO standards and are popular in steel factories, universities, laboratories, aerospace industries, and calibration and research institutes.


Analogue UTMs are highly accurate testers, with motorised screw columns for effortless adjustment of middle crosshead to facilitate rapid fixing of test specimens. These machines have high resolution due to their large dials, and simple controls for easy and safe operation. The pendulums of these machines are fully enclosed and protected. Being user friendly, it is very easy to change their grips, round or flat according to the test requirements. They come with a wide range of standard and special accessories, including load stabilisers.


Electronic UTMs are similar to the analogue testers in most of their features. But their digital outputs make them highly accurate. These machines have straining at variable speeds to test a wide range of materials. They come with specific standards and special accessories like extensometers with variable gauge lengths along with a range of extensions.

Analogue cum Digital:

Analogue cum digital UTMs have a dual measuring system in which the machines can run either on analogue or digital system by a simple changeover switch. They are effective in testing materials under tension, compression, bending, transverse and shear loads.

Servo Controlled:

Servo Controlled UTMs are designed to control load rate, extension rate, stress rate and strain rate precisely. They have an inbuilt PC for programming various tests as per requirements and the display graphs can be viewed online. Using these machines, stress vs strain, load vs extension and load vs time studies can be performed with ease and relevant graphs can also be generated. 

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