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VRF V Plus 100% Inverter

VRF V Plus 100% Inverter

100% capacity at 43°C. Non-stop cooling even at 56°C.

Range of outdoor units: 8HP to 112HP

Salient Features

  • Highly Efficient Inverter Compressors

  • 100% Inverter Advantage

  • Compliant to International Regulation Standards 

  • Specially Designed ODUs

  • Designed for High Ambient Temperature Conditions

  • Wide Operating Range

  • High System Efficiency

  • Superior Accumulator Design

  • Wide Voltage Range

  • Innovative Refrigerant Cooled Heat Sink

  • Superior Oil Management System

  • Weather-proof ODU Design

  • Conformal Coating for PCBs

  • Computerised Design for Reliability

  • Large Capacity and Wide Range of ODUs

  • Long and Flexible Range of Piping Design

  • Quiet Mode

  • Demand Control Mode for Economy Mode

  • Emergency Backup Operation

  • Wide Range of Indoor Units

  • Wide Range of Controllers 

  • Compatible with BMS & Home Automation

  • Compatible with AHU & F AHUs

Indoor Units

  • Hi-Wall Units
  • Compact Cassettes
  • One-way Cassettes
  • Two-way Cassettes
  • Four-way Cassettes
  • Floor-cum-Ceiling Mounted Units
  • Floor Mounted Units
  • Verticool
  • High Static Ductable IDUs
  • Medium Static Ductable IDUs
  • Low Static Ductable IDUs
  • Slim Ductable IDUs
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation System
  • Treated Fresh Air Unit (TFA) 
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