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HiPer Green Packaged ACs

HiPer Green Packaged ACs

100% capacity + Up to 30% power savings

Blue Star's HiPer Green Packaged Air Conditioners are high performance machines that operate even at high sensible loads and at 45°C ambients, and are perfect for locations that face harsh summers.

Blue Star's HiPer Green Packaged Air Conditioner features:

  • Indoor unit upsized to handle up to 85% sensible load delivering at 500 CFM/ton
  • Outdoor condenser, upsized and system balanced to deliver full capacity at 45°C, therefore requiring only 100 tons of Hiper Green, whereas 125 tons of conventional air conditioning would be needed


HiPer Green packaged ACs are available in 5.5, 11 and 16.5 ton capacities with Floor Mounted Configuration, using an eco-friendly refrigerant.

Salient Features

  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Higher capacity evaporator fan
  • Optimum expansion valve
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Condenser with higher heat rejection capability
  • Corrosion-resistant blue fin condenser
  • Energy-efficient scroll compressors
  • Advanced microcomputer controller
  • Safety alarms and controls
  • Acoustically treated panels
  • Integrated controller
  • Protective coatings
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