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Softpush Bottled Water Dispenser

Softpush Bottled Water Dispenser

Imagine holding a tap and turning it to get water. Or, using your palm to press one of those hard-to-push buttons for water. In a world where contact is seen as risky, any of these can make us fearful. That’s why Blue Star brings you a hot and cold water dispenser that needs only the softest push. However, there’s a lot more to this water dispenser. Take a look.

Salient Features

  • No direct human touch is required
  • Water dispensing at a soft push
  • Food grade stainless steel tank
  • Long lasting plastic body and faucets
  • Convenient drip tray
  • Sturdy compressor for trouble-free operation
  • Function indicating LEDs
  • Designed for tropicalised ambient conditions
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