MEP Overview

3C Programme

Comprehensive Contracting Capability

Blue Star's Comprehensive Contracting Capability Program - also known as the 3C Program - aims at constantly achieving higher customer satisfaction ratings across the entire spectrum of electro-mechanical projects, through the following:

  • Achievement of all design and performance criteria
  • On-time completion of projects
  • Maintenance of the highest quality standards
  • Completion of projects within defined budgets

The goals of the 3C program are pursued at Blue Star through the continuous quest for excellence in every functional area, including project, site & subcontract management, engineering quality, processes & controls, construction practices, and skilling & training. The initiatives under the 3C program are:

Project Management

  • Single-window point of interaction for all services and activities, aided by a project management guide, developed in-house
  • Clearly defined roles for the project manager, project engineer and site engineer up to the level of work instruction
  • Specially designed tools and processes
    • Project master to help plan, monitor and review the physical progress of projects
    • Project x-ray to comprehend commercial conditions of the project
    • Delivery & invoicing planner to ensure on-time delivery and cash flow management

Engineering Processes & Controls

  • Detailed engineering manuals which describe the engineering workflow and sequence of activities by defining roles and events
  • Engineering trackers including design validation, drawing progress monitor, TDS submittal tracker, RFI tracker and drawing comments tracker, amongst others
  • DBOQ-based ordering to ensure no surplus or unusable material, thus keeping projects within defined budgets

Engineering Quality

  • Usage of 3D Revit for multi-service coordination and interference detection
  • Usage of QuoteExpress software and e-Takeoff for faster and more accurate takeoff
  • Continuous upskilling of engineering team on CAD standards, shop drawing quality and technical training

Site Management

  • Standardisation of site facilities, including site stores, site office, and construction power
  • Standardisation of site records for document and version traceability
  • Site processes like variable quantity certification and site work instruction forms for smooth and accurate measurements and claims
  • Installation and commissioning checklists for communicating standards and monitoring construction quality

Modern Construction Practices

  • Induction of modern construction equipment (mobile access platforms, scissor lifts and duct lifters) for higher productivity, safety and quality
  • Motivating subcontractors to adapt to modern construction tools
  • Driving mechanisation and prefabrication to reduce construction duration at site

Subcontractor Management

  • Annual business plans for subcontractors, listing business goals, resource requirements and investments
  • Subcontractor training on construction processes, trade skills and supervision
  • Transparent transactions with standardised scopes and rates, SAP-based processes for work orders, and vendor bill tracking portal

Skilling & Training

  • Dedicated training organisation withcentres at Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi
  • Portfolio of training to strike the best balance between technical, functional and behavioural aspects
  • Faculty comprising both in-house and industry experts

The 3C programme implementation uses the well-tested route of inducting teams into initiatives, training them on the process using work instruction sheets, managing knowledge by sharing information on the online portal, strengthening the implementation via field guidance, and auditing levels of implementation and gathering feedback.

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