About Us
Blue Star is India's leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company, with an annual revenue of over ₹3700 crores, a network of 35 offices, 5 modern manufacturing facilities, 2500 employees, 2200 dealers and 500 retailers. Blue Star's integrated business model of a manufacturer, contractor and after-sales service provider enables it to offer an end-to- end solution to its customers, which has proved to be a significant differentiator in the market place. In fact, every third commercial building in the country has a Blue Star product installed.

The Company fulfills the cooling requirements of a large number of corporate, commercial as well as residential customers. The Company also offers expertise in allied contracting activities such as electrical, plumbing, fire-fighting and industrial projects, in order to offer turnkey solutions, apart from execution of specialised industrial projects.

Blue Star's other businesses include marketing and maintenance of imported professional electronics and industrial products and systems, which is handled by a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company called Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Ltd.

The Company has been in the water cooler business for nearly seven decades catering to offices, educational institutes, hotels, factories and hospitals and is also India’s largest exporter of water coolers. Blue Star is also amongst the largest suppliers of normal, hot and cold bottled water dispensers in the country catering to smaller offices and establishments. Since Blue Star has a strong connect with water, and consumers are aware of this association for years, it launched residential water purifiers in 2016 to leverage this association.

Blue Star is perceived to be a premium and aspirational brand and a strong contender in the consideration set of the discerning consumer, many of whom have instilled faith in its offerings. In line with its personality, the Company offers residential water purifiers which are differentiated and thoughtful providing pure and healthy drinking water, coupled with world-class after-sales service to enhance customer engagement.