Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

There are 2 types of AMC contracts that are sold to the end customer:

  • Comprehensive Contract: This contract covers replacement of consumables (all Filters once a year) and electrical spares and visiting charges.

  • Advanced Contract This contract covers the replacement of only electrical spares and Visiting charges.

It is only applicable for domestic usage and not for commercial usage


    1. Two Preventive Maintenance will be provided in a year.

    2. Attending Breakdowns.

    3. Replacement /Repair of Electrical parts like Pump, Valve, Adaptor, UV Lamp, Compressor.

    4. Repairing /Cleaning/replacement of all filters/consumables parts free of cost based on requirement. Consumables which include Pre-filter, Sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, post carbon filter, Aqua Mineral Infuser Cartridge, UF membrane and RO membrane will be cleaned/repaired/ replaced (only once in a year) as per need. However subsequent replacement during the contract period will be chargeable.


    Repair/replacement of parts that occur due to:

    1. Damage caused to the equipment due to floods, fire, accident, riot, breakage, pest, misuse, improper or negligent use, leakage from pipes etc.

    2. Tampering with or repair by unauthorized personnel or use of non-recommended spares.

    3. Atmospheric conditions, rusting, corrosion or scaling.

    4. Product is used in commercial premises.

    5. Where this equipment is under use for more than 8 hours a day continuously, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Blue Star Ltd.


    1. Blue Star is not liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of or connected with this contract in any way whatsoever.

    2. No liability shall be attached to Blue Star for non-performance or delayed execution of this contract as a result of force majeure.

    3. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts located at the place of Blue Star office from where the proposal is submitted.

    4. Complaints must be registered at the Blue Star call centre only.

    5. Any change of address must be notified by customer at least 2 weeks before the next visit is due.

    6. All defective components shall be replaced with compatible working parts, and the defective parts shall be Blue Star’s property.

    7. At time of AMC enrolment product should be in working condition.

    8. No refund will be made for the balance period of the contract if cancelled during the term.

    9. This proposal is valid only for machines that are up to 4 years old from the date of purchase invoice.

    10. Customers shall be charged for Rs 125/- per visit towards the travelling charged for outside municipal limits by Technician and will be paid in cash to technician.

    11. Any fresh levies or increase in taxes/levies/rates imposed by the State or Central government or local authority on components/raw materials or installation or service as a whole after the date of offer and during the contract, will be borne by the customer.

    12. The Terms and conditions of execution of this AMC are subject to change at discretion of Bluestar and without any prior communication.

    13. This contract is non –transferrable w.r.t Machines and Persons.

    14. Any disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.