edge RO + UV water purifier


So smart, it speaks for itself.



  • Double layered RO + UV protection

    Double layered RO + UV protection to ensure that the water you drink is absolutely safe without any compromises. RO removes dissolved impurities, micro organisms, heavy metals and radioactive matter, while UV deactivates micro organisms such as bacteria, cysts and viruses.

    Purification capacity of 285 litres/day

    RO membrane purification capacity of up to 285 litres/day due to a super-efficient, high quality RO membrane.

    Touch screen

    Touch screen that not only allows you to control the functions of the purifier with ease and comfort but also highlights important information about the purifier such as the tank level and filter status.

    Super fine sediment filter

    Super fine sediment filter of 5 microns which enables removal of even the finest of sand, mud, dust and other suspended particles.

    Speech assist

    Speech assist updates you when to replace your filter, the water level status, alerts you to check you water inflow and gives you safety messages so you can be rest assured about the quality of drinking water.

    Mineral management

    Mineral management technology option that helps retention of some of the minerals in the purified water.
  • 6 litres compact tank

    6 litres compact tank which not only occupies less wall space but also stores adequate water for your family.

    Water tank multi level display

    Water tank multi level display to give you an update about the water storage level in the tank at all times.

    Slim and elegant

    Electronic dispensing button in lieu of the normal manual tap which is easy and convenient to operate.

    Electronic dispensing button

    Taste Enhancer removes smell, odour and volatile organic compounds to ensure that every sip you drink has the refreshing taste of purity

    Filter change alerts

    Filter change alerts which calculate the water that you dispense and informs you in advance when it is about time to replace the filter, enabling enough time to plan the change of the filters.

    Day/Time display

    Day/Time display settings that allow you to set a date and time, which is displayed on the touch screen at all times.
  • High temperature processed carbon

    High temperature processed carbon which effectively removes smell, odour and volatile organic compounds as well as protects the RO membrane from chemicals such as chlorine.

    1-litre/1-glass smart selection

    1-litre/1-glass smart selection that gives you the convenience of dispensing 1 litre water or 1 glass of water with a single touch apart from the normal continuous water selection.
Model Name
Edge Series
Purification Technology
Dimensions (mm)
420 (W) x 165 (D) x 460 (H)
Net weight (kg)
11.25 Kg
Water Output
Storage Capacity of Tank (ltrs)
6 L
Stages of Filtration
Sediment Filter
Pre-Carbon Filter
RO Membrane
UV Lamp
Installation Mode
Wall Mount

Process to purity

  • Pure Water




India’s first Hot & Cold RO + UV water purifier

#Option of Immuno Boost @ Rs 1990
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    The perfect symphony of elegance and purity.

    20,500/ 18,500/ 16,500
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    10,900/ 12,900
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  • pristinaUV water purifier


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  • Imperia RO/ RO+UV/ RO+UV+UF water purifier with Mineraliser/ Immuno Boost


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    22,500/ 20,500/ 18,900/ 16,500
  • AdoraRO+UV Water Purifier


    Under-the-counter Water Purifier.

  • Aristo RO+UV / RO+UF / RO+UV+UF


    The aristocratic blend that gives water at its best.

    13,900/13,400/ 11,400