About us

Blue Star, India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company brings you an elegant and stylish range of water purifiers that give you water at its best. Having quenched the thirst of billions with its range of water coolers and dispensers for over seven decades, Blue Star now introduces water purifiers for your home with Immuno Boost Technology.

Blue Star’s Immuno Boost Technology provides alkaline antioxidant water which strengthens your defense system enhancing immunity and helps the body being healthy and work perfectly.

Alkaline water

Immuno Boost Technology enhances the pH level of water, giving you alkaline water. The body tries to naturally maintain the acid-alkaline balance of your blood. But when your body is overly acidic, your system has to work even harder to keep that balance and can lead to interference with the activity of all the cells in the body. Alkaline water helps by neutralizing the acid levels of your body.

In addition, alkaline water has smaller cluster molecules making it easier for the body to absorb it and thereby hydrating it more effectively. Alkaline water also has various types of naturally ionized minerals that help the blood to circulate more efficiently and making the body function at its optimum. It helps in washing away the toxins that may cause your body to develop diseases and illnesses. Keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost the immune system.


Immuno Boost Technology helps in reducing the oxidation potential and fights with toxic free radicals. Fruits and vegetables promote healthy immune function as they provide antioxidants that help maintain healthy tissues around the sites of infection and support healing. When free radicals and other damaging molecules are generated at sites of infection and inflammation, we need enough antioxidants to fight the active oxygen.

Immuno Boost Technology has an antioxidant effect by generating active hydrogen through crystalline media to scavenge the free radicals. Free radicals induce the oxidation process in the body leading to various diseases. This technology slows down or prevents oxidation thereby delaying the aging process and keeps the body healthy with a spark of life.

Water at its best

Water with Immuno Boost Technology is abundant in alkaline minerals and hydrogen which help the balance of metabolism. It can help in boosting your immunity and keeping you away from the diseases by nourishing the body with clean, wholesome ingredients adding essential minerals, raising the pH and decreasing the oxidation potential making the water antioxidant.

Opt for Blue Star water purifiers with Immuno Boost technology that not only give you pure water but great immunity as well. Get armed with immunity!

Available in:


  • StellaRO + UV + Hot + Cold Water Purifier


    India's first Hot & Cold RO+UV
    water purifier.

  • EleanorRO + UV water purifier


    The perfect symphony of
    elegance and purity.

  • Imperia RO+UV+UF water purifier


    Exceptional taste of mineral water
    in the comfort of your home.