Pristina UV water purifier


Stainless steel shield for purity in every drop.



  • Advanced UV protection

    UV technology provides you with safe and healthy purified water. The Ultra Violet (UV) light safeguards against the microbiological impurities present in the water. UV purification deactivates the protozoa, bacteria and viruses by damaging the genetic code ensuring they cannot reproduce further.

    5 stage purification

    5 stage purification process which comprises a pre filter, sediment filter, carbon filter, micro trap filter, and UV Lamp to ensure that the water you drink is safe and pure.

    Ultra efficient SS UV shield

    The UV purification chamber is made of stainless steel for maximum safety, durability and optimum performance which is proven by its capability to deliver maximum 2 litres per minute of safe and pure drinking water

    Smart microcontroller

    Pristina has a specially designed smart microcontroller which continuously monitors the quality of output water and ensures smooth functioning of the unit.

    UV change indicator

    UV fail alert gives you an advance indication that the UV lamp needs replacement within 100 hours of usage, enabling enough time to plan the change of the filters.

    Maximum flow rate of 2 litres/min

    Pristina is designed to give you a maximum flowrate of 120l/hour translating into 2l/min.
  • Compact & stylish

    Pristina is a compact water purifier that will lend a stylized look to your elegant kitchen optimizing the space.

    In built voltage stabilizer

    Pristina is designed to work within a Voltage Range of 170 - 265 Volts ,AC 50 Hz. Thus, this would normally take care of most voltage fluctuations ensuring consistent/ hassle- free performance of the machine.

    UV fail alert

    UV fail alert gives an indication that the UV lamp life is over and there will be no water flow.

    Filter change alert

    Filter change alerts calculate the water that you dispense and informs you in advance when it is about time to replace the filter, enabling enough time to plan the change of the filters.

    UV life enhancer

    Pristina has a standby mode so that the UV lamp is not activated when its not being used, thereby enhancing the life of the UV lamp.

    Energy saving mode

    Pristina has an energy saving mode that automatically puts the UV lamp on standby thus increasing the life of the UV lamp.
Model Name
Purification Technology
Dimensions (mm)
W240 x D142 x H350
Net weight (kg)
2.45 kg
Water Output
Storage Capacity of Tank (ltrs)
max 2 litres per minute
Stages of Filtration
Stainless Steel Pre-Filter
Sediment Filter
Carbon Filter
Micro Trap Filter
UV Lamp
Installation Mode
Table Top / Wall Mount

Process to purity

  • Pure Water




India’s first Hot & Cold RO + UV water purifier

#Option of Immuno Boost @ Rs 1990
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