Blue Star launches innovative cooling solution for storage of seeds

Blue Star launches innovative cooling solution for storage of seeds

Central airconditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star, has announced the launch of an innovative cooling solution for seeds called 'Precision Climate Seed Storage (PCSS) System', at a Press Conference held in Hyderabad on September 12, 2009.

 Seeds are a precious resource and if stored in ambient conditions deteriorate rapidly. Since seed consumption is not always immediate, the excess seeds, when not stored in controlled conditions, get wasted. Thus, there is a constant and rising demand for safe storage of seeds in the interim.

 Recognizing this need of the hour, Blue Star has introduced a seed storage system which ensures the storage of the seeds at precise temperatures and humidity levels thereby preserving them over longer periods of time, reducing waste and increasing yield. Despite the fact that agriculture forms a significant part of India's GDP, seed storage facilities currently in the country are unreliable, and in most cases non-existent. Investments in Blue Star's PCSS will have an immediate and positive impact on the economic growth of the country.

 Blue Star's PCSS system is a unique, factory-fitted, integrated package that includes all elements essential for a precision temperature and humidity control system – a built-in dehumidification system, high-purity filters, and of course a state-of-the-art refrigeration system, all controlled by a central microprocessor to ensure precise control.

 Moreover, the system is highly energy efficient as it does not add direct heat to dehumidify like the conventional method, assuring a very low cost of ownership. The built-in controller also automatically ensures run-time equalisation of units and compressors, increasing reliability and reducing failure. Built robust, the PCSS is designed to operate 24x7 as demanded by the industry. The PCSS is modular in design and uses an open-architecture control protocol. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques in Blue Star's ISO-9001 certified plant at Dadra.

 Speaking to the Press at the launch, Mr B Thiagarajan, President, Channel Business Group, said "The Indian seed industry is estimated to be a Rs. 5700 crores market with an expected annual growth rate of 15%, well higher than the global average. It is imperative to preserve seeds considering that they are a precious resource and have the ability to boost the nation's economy. Blue Star has been a significant player in the commercial refrigeration industry and is also a member of the CII's National Task Force set up by the Government of India to enhance the cold chain infrastructure in the country. The launch of our Precision Climate Seed Storage system is yet another example of our commitment to preserve and extend life of perishables."

 About Blue Star

Blue Star is India’s largest central airconditioning company with an annual turnover of over Rs 2500 crores, a network of 29 offices, five modern manufacturing facilities and around 2500 employees. It has over six decades of experience in providing expert cooling solutions and fulfils the needs of a large number of corporate and commercial customers. Blue Star has also established leadership in the field of commercial refrigeration equipment ranging from water coolers to cold chain equipment. It also offers expertise in Building Electrification and Plumbing and Fire Fighting Projects. Blue Star's other businesses include marketing and maintenance of hi-tech professional electronic and industrial systems.





For additional information, please contact: B Thiagarajan, President, Channel Business Group, Blue Star Limited, Bandbox House, 254D, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 030 email: Telephone: 66544000.

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