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Blue Star M & E Engineering (Sdn) Bhd

With the aim of becoming a developed nation by 2020, Malaysia has experienced a substantial growth in its engineering, infrastructure and utility sectors. A product of this growth, Blue Star M & E Engineering (Sdn) Bhd was formed in 1993. A joint venture between Arab-Malaysian Development Bhd (AMDB) and Blue Star Limited, Blue Star M & E carries on the business of mechanical, electrical and plumbing contracting, which includes operation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in Malaysia. Till date, the company has successfully completed the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of central air conditioning systems for various hotels, offices and factories.

AMDB is listed in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and focuses primarily on property development, infrastructure, utilities, engineering and construction.

Blue Star M & E designs, engineers and executes central air conditioning solutions for offices, hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical facilities and commercial complexes, amongst others. It combines a wide range of products, and integrates them into a complete system, with ducting, piping, insulation, controls and electricals. The company pays attention to various processes such as heat load estimation, air distribution, procurement of high quality components and deployment of trained manpower to deliver superior solutions to customers.

The strength of Blue Star M & E lies in providing expert cooling solutions, which comes from the valuable expertise and experience that Blue Star has gained over seven eventful decades in India, an experience in the creation of contemporary designs, project management skills and efficient service.

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