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Blue Star launches new range of VRF Airconditioning Systems with Inverter technology

Central airconditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star, has announced the launch of a new range of eco-friendly and energy efficient Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Airconditioning Systems using the Inverter technology.

A VRF system is a sophisticated centralized airconditioning system that cools large multi-zone spaces with varying heating and cooling needs through intelligent controls. This results in tremendous power savings as the system is smart enough to know where to cool, and when. Many modern establishments having multi zones such as sophisticated offices, hotels, premium residential properties and hospitals are opting for VRF Airconditioning systems because of the flexibility of control and significantly lower electricity bills.

In VRF Airconditioning Systems, there are two popular technologies based on the compressor, namely Digital Scroll and Inverter. Blue Star has been offering VRF Airconditioning Systems with Digital Scroll technology since 2008. However, the Company realized that it is not addressing the needs of customers who prefer the Inverter technology. Considering that the VRF AC system segment is on a fast-growth path, the Company thought it prudent to launch VRF Systems with Inverter technology in addition to Digital Scrolls in order to address the entire universe of customers. Thus, with this new range of inverter-based systems, the Company will be able to offer both the technologies to its customers.

The new range of Inverter-based VRF Airconditioning Systems is being offered in partnership with Gree, China. Gree is China's leading airconditioning designer and manufacturer and has over 1000 installations of its VRF Inverter Airconditioning systems across the world. The units being offered are currently part of the latest fourth generation Inverter technology.

The new range being launched can support a wide range of 70 indoor units with up to 500 m of refrigerant piping, amongst the highest in its class. These units can operate in a wide range of 7oC to 48oC and offer both cooling and heating options. It boasts of intelligent microprocessor-based controllers at multi levels – an all encompassing centralized PC-controlled system for the entire installation; zone-wise control and individual unit control through the respective remotes. It incorporates the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant and offers tremendous energy savings thanks to its capacity variation in 1% steps from 10 to 100% of rating.

According to Mr B Thiagarajan, President, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Products Group, Blue Star Limited, “Blue Star is a market leader in the central airconditioning segment catering to both corporate as well as commercial requirements. With the launch of our Inverter-based VRF Airconditioning Systems, we now have the entire spectrum of VRF systems to cater to all customer demands and are in a position to further consolidate our leadership position in the central airconditioning business.”

For additional information, please contact: B Thiagarajan, President, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Products Group, Blue Star Limited, Bandbox House, 254D, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400 030 email: Telephone: 09821078098.

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