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Blue Star launches Quick Chill Visi Coolers

Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration leader, Blue Star, has introduced a new range of quick chilling Visi Coolers. Designed to chill beverage bottles, cans and a host of dairy products needing refrigeration, these coolers are ideal for food stores, restaurants, fast food chains, cafeterias, hotels, bakeries and confectionery shops.

The Visi Coolers are designed to quickly pull down temperature with the help of a high capacity refrigeration system. Clear product visibility, which is a critical success factor, is ensured through frost-free operation. It makes use of eco friendly inputs during the manufacturing process and is available in four capacities of 65, 140, 220 and 360 litres. These coolers are also attractively priced with the 65 litre Visi Cooler costing just Rs 9,900/- ( ex-Mumbai exclusive of sales tax and octroi)


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