Blue Star launches revolutionary Remote Airconditioning Facility Management System

Blue Star launches revolutionary Remote Airconditioning Facility Management System

Here's another first from the Company that continuously strives to innovative. Blue Star, India's largest central airconditioning company, has launched a remote airconditioning facility management system that can control upto 64 Ducted/Packaged Airconditioners, at one's fingertips. For total ease and total control. What's more, it also cuts down power bills substantially.

A master control software loaded on any PC can be hooked onto individual controllers of each Packaged AC and upto 64 Packaged ACs can be controlled with this master software.

This system has some truly beneficial features that can make life easy for a Facility/Administration Manager. It can precisely set the temperature individually for all the 64 airconditioners, be programmed for an entire year eliminating the need for an operator on a day-to-day basis and can even be password protected to avoid unauthorized access.

This system enables switching off of the machines during lunch hours, allows airconditioners to be switched on/off from the PC itself and can be programmed to be off on holidays and work for specific hours during every working day. It has an imported platinum sensor to set temperature precisely and therefore saves on power.

This state-of-the-art system continuously monitors and displays return air temperature, status of compressor, on/off condition and fault indication. It also maintains run hours of blowers and compressors and keeps a track of the faults/errors for the last 31 occasions.

This system does not require a dedicated PC and is extremely affordable. Undoubtedly, an indispensible tool that makes life simpler, yet more controlled.

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