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Blue Star launches Screw Chillers for malls and multiplexes

Blue Star, India's largest central airconditioning and commercial refrigeration company has launched a new range of screw chillers used in centrally airconditioning large spaces. Manufactured at its factory in Thane, these screw chillers come in a quality range of six models varying from 75 TR to 204 TR and are designed keeping in mind the coastal climatic conditions where chances of corrosion are high.

Due to lesser moving parts, these chillers are reliable and rugged. Further, with its stepless capacity control, they provide better energy efficiency under part loads. These chillers are ideal for varying load applications such as multiplexes, malls, offices, hospitals and hotels.

The Blue Star screw chillers incorporate compressors from the reputed Hanbell Precise Machinery Co Ltd, Taiwan. Hanbell is one of the largest manufacturers of such compressors and is widely used in chillers in Europe. The chillers also incorporate microprocessor based controls which help in accurate operation and protection as well as remote monitoring.

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