Blue Star partners with Danfoss to offer Energy Management Solutions in airconditioning

Blue Star partners with Danfoss to offer Energy Management Solutions in airconditioning

Central airconditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star has partnered with Danfoss, Denmark to provide Energy Management Solutions for Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) systems. Under this alliance, Blue Star will market and support Variable Frequency Drives of Danfoss exclusively in the country for HVAC applications.

Variable Frequency Drives is a technological breakthrough product which helps bring down power bills dramatically. Airconditioning constitutes nearly 60-65% of the power consumption in office buildings and this figure rises to as high as 75% in hotels and hospitals. In fact, in today's service-driven new economy companies such as IT Services and BPOs, comfort airconditioning is a critical aspect of the work environment. These organisations often work on a 24x7 basis and airconditioning power expenses form a significant part of their cost of operations. Thus it becomes extremely critical and prudent to go in for energy efficient solutions in airconditioning.

Danfoss, headquartered at Denmark, are the pioneers of variable frequency drives. It has over 54 factories in 20 countries and over a hundred sales offices. Danfoss is also a leading supplier of compressors and automated solutions for the refrigeration and airconditioning industry.

Variable Frequency Drives, A Technological Break-Through

Most airconditioning systems are not required to operate at full capacity. Yet there is no mechanism to take care of the varied demand. Consequently, this results in increased power bills and reduced operational efficiencies. The expensive airconditioning equipment is also subjected to wear and tear, and breakdowns.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) is a unique device incorporating capacity control. The primary function of VFDs is to allow motors that run at constant speed to run at variable speeds instead. A small reduction in speed leads to a large reduction in energy consumed and in substantial energy savings.

Variable Frequency Drives From Danfoss

Danfoss is one of the largest manufacturers of VFDs in the world, with a comprehensive range. VFDs from Danfoss offer several advantages:

  • Prevents energy wastage by precisely matching motor speed with cooling demand.
  • Dramatically cuts power usage.
  • Reduces mechanical stress and motor wear.
  • Requires less maintenance and prolongs system life.
  • Reduces pump noise.
  • It is affordable and easy to install.
  • Improves power factor.
  • Offers soft start capability; reduces starting current and maximum demand.
  • Easy to retrofit on existing HVAC system.

Moreover, the VFDs are user friendly and perhaps one of the most cost effective ways to maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Attractive Pay-Back

Due to the dramatic energy savings that these devices produce, VFDs have a very attractive pay back period, making it an ideal long term investment. Moreover, there are additional savings owing to reduction in maintenance costs and enhanced life of the equipment.

Commitment To Maximize Power Savings

Speaking to the Press at a joint press conference of Blue Star and Danfoss in Chennai, Mr Andrew Cooper, Director, Asia Pacific, Danfoss Motion Controls, said 

Satish Jamdar, Executive Director, Blue Star Limited, who oversees the after-sales service business of the Company, added "Airconditioning comprises a major chunk of the power bills of most organizations. We are aware about the fact that even a small saving of power can have a major impact on the profitability of an enterprise. We have over six decades of experience in providing expert cooling solutions and recognize that being leaders we owe it to our customers to provide energy efficient solutions. The focus of airconditioning maintenance has traditionally been break-down maintenance. However, we have migrated to higher levels by focusing on critical issues such as Energy Management, Indoor Air Quality Management and Water Management and offering a bundle of benefits which include uptime guarantee, indoor air quality and savings in power bills. We remain committed to maximize energy savings for our customers"


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