Blue Star to launch new advertising campaign on ‘Nobody Cools Better’

Blue Star to launch new advertising campaign on ‘Nobody Cools Better’

Airconditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star Limited, has announced its new advertising campaign for 2015 with the tagline ‘Nobody Cools Better’.

Blue Star, which has a legacy of over seven decades in providing expert cooling solutions, has always been a strong contender in the corporate and commercial segment. It made a foray into the residential segment in 2011, realising that consumers prefer specialist airconditioning players rather than general consumer durable brands. This initiative met with resounding success, given the strong brand equity that Blue Star enjoys amongst home buyers due to its rich pedigree.

The differentiated value proposition to the residential audience over the last few years has been ‘Get office-like cooling at home’ which leveraged Blue Star’s expertise in cooling offices and communicated that one can get the very same expertise at home. Given the fact that Blue Star is now a well established player in the residential segment, the Company has identified a new value proposition of ‘Nobody Cools Better’. This will be widely publicised with a new TV commercial supported by ads in mainline dailies and hoardings.

The new TV ad is set in a home where the guests have just left after a party and the tired host and hostess are looking forward to some much needed rest when they notice something amiss. Unknown to them, some guests have overstayed, camouflaging themselves not wanting to leave because of Blue Star cooling. This film was conceptualised by Interface Communications and has been directed by Sunhil Sippy with the production house, Firecracker. It is being launched on various television channels early next week.

Blue Star also intends to continue to invest in its digital marketing efforts in social media as well as the internet, considering that most Blue Star buyers belong to the highest socio-economic category (SEC A), who are active on the internet. In terms of advertising and brand communication, the Company has plans to invest about Rs 35 crores in the forthcoming summer season.

B Thiagarajan, Executive Director & President – AC&R Products Business, Blue Star Limited states, “The room airconditioners market in India has grown by about 20% in terms of value during this fiscal so far, while Blue Star has outperformed the market growing 30%, thereby increasing its market share. Given the fact that Blue Star is now well entrenched in the residential segment with an overall 9% market share in room ACs, we felt it prudent to communicate a new value proposition of ‘Nobody Cools Better’ which highlights our unmatched expertise, experience and deep understanding of the science of cooling. Our tone continues to be premium, modern and aspirational and the new advertising campaign will help us further strengthen our equity amongst the discerning home buyers.”


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