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Blue Star's Ist quarter profit quadruples

The central air conditioning major, Blue Star Limited, has reported a Net Profit of Rs 3.16 crores from Total Income of Rs 108.58 crores for the 1st quarter of 2000-2001.

These results do not include the income from software services which has been spun off into a separate company. In comparison with the previous year, excluding the software business, net sales are up by 19% while Net Profit has spurted by 310%.

The Company is optimistic about the future of its core air conditioning and refrigeration businesses. The financial results for the 1st quarter support this viewpoint. While the 1st quarter is not representative of the whole year's performance, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. Ashok M. Advani, says, "With the encouraging start this year, I am optimistic about Blue Star's outlook for the current year".

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