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Bottled Water Dispenser cum Refrigerator - An innovative cooling solution from Blue Star

Blue Star, India's largest air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company, has launched a sleek and stylish Bottled Water Dispenser cum Refrigerator - a product that combines hygiene, style and convenience for drinking water needs.

It's the all-in-one machine that dispenses water the way you want, the way you prefer. Cold water, water at room temperature and even hot water for making tea and coffee. What's more, it also has an inbuilt refrigerator for storing cold drinks, canned juices and chocolates amongst others. It's extremely compact requiring a little more than one square feet and the elegant plastic front panel and faucets make it aesthetically attractive.

Blue Star, who are market leaders in the water cooling segment, have been marketing Bottled Water Dispensers for over five years now. This latest innovative product from the leaders in cooling solutions is mainly targeted at small offices, showrooms, industrial galas, shops, cyber cafes, clinics and fast food outlets amongst others.

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