Juniper Networks, Inc. and Blue Star join hands

Juniper Networks, Inc. and Blue Star join hands

Juniper Networks, Inc., a leading provider of the next generation IP infrastructure systems, has partnered with Blue Star Limited, to distribute their high speed Internet backbone routers in India. Mr. Ashok Krishnamurthi, Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Juniper Networks, is in the country to announce the partnership and also to launch two new M5 and M10 Internet backbone router. These routers are designed for rapid bandwidth build-out of high-speed enterprise access, offering substantial power and space savings in comparison with any other existing products deployed today.

Juniper Networks is one of the fastest growing US companies with a market capitalization of over US$ 75 Billion. The Company was founded in 1996, by an Indian, Pradeep Sindhu, a graduate from IIT, Kanpur, with a Doctorate from Carnegie - Mellon University. Today, the Company is ranked twentieth in the Forbes ASAP list. Juniper Networks has just announced their third quarter financial results. The net revenue for the first nine months for the current year was US$ 378 Million compared with US$ 57 Million for the same period in 1999.

Juniper Networks delivers advanced technological innovations tailored to the needs of evolving IP Infrastructure, both at core and provider edge. Juniper Networks M-series routers deliver IP based traffic up to ten times faster than any other products available in the market. No wonder, world leading service providers like Cable and Wireless plc, UUNet, MCI Worldcom, Verio, iaxis, etc. , have set up their backbone with Juniper Networks routers.

Blue Star Limited is the front runner in bringing leading edge technology products and services to Indian market. With the rapid growth of the Internet, the Electronics Division of Blue Star is focussing its business efforts around IT related products and services. The Company has already made substantial investments in building capabilities and skills to address the emerging IT market. The Company has a strong presence in data security in banking applications and has also made good progress in other areas of network connectivity.

The Internet infrastructure market growth in India is amongst the highest in the world. NASSCOM estimates show Internet bandwidth demand in India climbing rapidly beyond 300 GB by the year 2005, an incredible thousand-fold increase. The routers find applications in Internet backbone bandwidth management, multi-services, content and Web hosting, and high - speed access.

Juniper Networks, with its superior products and Blue Star, with its expertise in marketing high technology electronic products, are poised to bring innovative world class solutions to customers in India.

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