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New Eutectic Deep Freezers from Blue Star

Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star, has launched a new range of Eutectic Deep Freezers. These freezers have extremely high hold over times of over 30 hours (ability of the freezer to retain coldness without power) making it an ideal choice for ice cream push carts and intra and inter city ice cream transportation. The push cart operator can plug in and charge the unit in the night and during the day can safely move around without bothering about melting of ice cream. Moreover, the light weight of the freezer and lockable lids make it extremely convenient. The 265-litre Eutectic Deep Freezer is priced at Rs 27,000/-.

Blue Star, who occupy the leadership position in the Deep Freezer segment, have a wide range of deep freezers (including display freezers) for various freezing applications. This new innovative cooling solution will help it further strengthen its stronghold in the market.


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